Tôi như trẻ nhỏ ngồi bên hiên nhà chờ nghe thế kỷ tàn phai Tôi như trẻ nhỏ tìm nơi nương tựa mà sao vẫn cứ lạc loài
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Lang Leav - Soul Mates
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White on White on White by @rach_louey
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Lin Heung Lau (蓮香樓), Canon F1 50mm f1.2 Centuria 100 film (by Patrick Ng)
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"From the moment we are born until we become adults, we call countless people ‘friend’. From the time in kindergarten until college graduation, one individual accumulates hundreds of friends, and believes these friends to be true friends. However, these are not true friends, but merely passing relationships.
At age 30 and age 40, out of the friends that you called ‘true friend’, only a few will be left by your side. The people that you believed were your true friends, will think of you as a passing relationship.
So, do not be pained or hurt by this passing relationship.
After all, it will all pass.”
– Ahn Saehee
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undo (1994), dir. shunji iwai
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Jessica Kesti
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